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Best places for Maharashtrian thalis | Pune

Pune is known to be the Oxford of the east but that’s not all this city has to offer. This city is also very famous for its food fare, especially authentic  Maharashtrian food. Now an easy option for this delicious cuisine is the thali, the all-in-one selection of dishes served in a stainless steel round plate. MetroMela brings you a list of restaurants where you can relish these typical Maharashtrian thalis.

Located on the busy FC road on the ground floor of Hotel Parichay, Shabree is a neat and clean and can accommodate about 125 people. All the tables are pre-set with your stainless steel thali with little watis (small cups for vegetables/dals), and as soon as you sit down, out come the parade of guys ladling out spoonfuls of food. The thali consists of 15-16 items that include 4-5 chutneys , breads like bhakris (made from rice, jowar, ragi or corn flour) rotis and pitla (made from Bengal gram flour), three-four curries that undoubtedly includes usal (spicy dish made of pulses) and dal. Sweet dishes like amarkhand and shrikhand are worth dying for. This typical Maharashtrian thali comes for Rs.100 without the sweet dish and Rs. 130 with it. Shabree is open from 11.30 AM to 3.30 PM and 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM.

Durwankur has a great fan following as far as Maharashtrian thalis are concerned. It is famous for the Brahmin thalis, which are less spicy than the typical Maratha thali. It does not have an a la carte menu but in terms of variety and taste, this place is quite a steal. The place accommodates about 150 people and charges Rs. 70 for a thali. Sweet dish would cost you extra. The thali consists of about 15 dishes which includes the famous Waran bhath (a dal and rice combination), moong dal khichadi (hotch potch of rice and dal), different bhakris and bhajis (vegetables). They make sure that they include a leafy vegetable as well. The sitaphal rabadi (sweet dish made of custard apple) seems to be quite famous here. Durwankar is not fancily decorated but in terms of quality, price and quantity is a favorite with many. It is open from 11.30 AM to 3 PM and 7.30 PM to 11 PM.

For a vegetarian Maharashtrian thali, venture into the Brahmin stronghold of Deccan. Shreyas on Apte Road with its long stainless steel tables and prompt service is everyone’s favorite, especially on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, when there are unlimited special meals for Rs. 95. They have starters like Batata Wada (type of potato patties, if you will), farsaan (snacks) and koshimbir (Maharashtrian salad) chapatis, puris, aloo parathas (bread made of potatoes and wheat flour) along with special green curry called Alluchi rassa bhaji (made of potatoes – available on Sundays). Must-tries are the sweet dishes like Puran polis (sweet bread - Rs. 16 each) and modaks (made of rice flour and jaggery - Rs. 12 each). They have a huge dining hall here but if you want to go the a la carte way there is a separate facility for about 25 people as well. It is open from 11.30 AM to 3 PM and 7.30 PM to 10.45 PM.

Mathura has what it calls a rustic Marathi thali. This quaint little place boasts of political clientele and its spicy food. Their nutritious thalipeeth (bread made from a variety of flours) Methi sabji (Fenugreek curry) and Brinjal rassa made with a mixture of peanuts are renowned. If you add the matka dahi (curd in earthen pot - Rs. 25 each) to it then the combination can be a treat for food lovers. The thali would cost you Rs. 75 that would include five dishes complete with kurdai (papads) and chutneys. Also their sweet dishes like kharwas and aam ras makes people flock to this place. A la carte option is available as well. It is open from 8 AM to 11.30 PM.
The Mystic Masala is located in the five-star Taj Blue Diamond and has a lively ambience with live music. The place has a Peshwai (royal Maharashtrian) theme of black, orange and white. They have vegetarian (Peshwai) and non-vegetarian (Konkani) thalis that cost Rs. 325 and Rs. 375 respectively. The vegetarian thali consists of five–six items like Tomato Saar, Batata bhaji, Waran bhath and Koshimbir apart from dessert. Their Konkani thali has more of Konkani preparations of fish and chicken like the Fish koliwada, Fish kolhapuri or the Chicken Rassa (curry) along with the Brinjal curry. For dinners they do not have a thali. These are available only from 12.30 PM to 3.30 PM.
So go on and make your pick.

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