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Dorabjee's - Camp

Dorabjee's - Pune.
  • Category:Malls and Super Markets, Shopping
  • Type: supermarkets
  • Phone: 020-26052882
  • Address: # 1-B, Moledina Road,
    Pune - 411001.
  • LandMark: Opp Kakade Magnum Mall

An old and renowned department store, Dorabjee's is famous for its imported stock of chocolates, biscuits, sauces, meat etc. It has an in-house bakery that serves samosas, sandwiches and pastries as well. The homemade biryani here is quite popular.

Editorial Review

Dorabjee’s is like a “heritage” supermarket of Pune. Started in 1911 the place moved from being a quaint grocery store to a supermarket suiting the global palate of foreigners, NRIs and expatriates of Pune...

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Average Rating 4.67 
Andrea's Review on 31-10-2010
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Dorabjee's,Camp

I have been dying to get a hold of a good deodorant stick. I guess they don't use them much in India, since I usually come across a zillion sprays, but not sticks. When I do find a stick it is a Gillette, not quite the most feminine smell. Thankfully, Dorabjee's had an imported stick from the US called ZUSKA. They had great a great antiperspirant stick for women. The shape is pretty cool too. It has been working so well that I decided to buy the green one for my husband (interesting pine/guava fragrance-hard to explain). He loves it too. Dorabjee's is really a lifesaver when it comes to getting imported goods and high quality brands.

Prakash's Review on 26-08-2010
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Dorabjee's,Camp

Dorabjee's is a wonderful and I am a regular customer for 25 plus years. A very large variety of local and imported brands are available. The quality of products is excellence. The arrangement of items is very customer friendly. Prakash Sevekari

Amit's Review on 13-09-2009
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Dorabjee's,Camp

Great For Food Items, you can get almost anything in food items here. A lot cramped and crowdy though they desparately need more space!