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Dr. Narendra Patwardhan - Camp

  • Category:Doctors and Hospitals, Health and Wellness
  • Type: Clinics
  • Phone: 020-26137096
  • Address: # 2A, 'Manisha', Moledina Road,
    Pune - 411001.
  • LandMark: Opp Chitale Mithaiwale

Dr. Patwardhan is a renowned skin specialist practicing since 1981 in Shriyash hospital. He is also known for hair restoration process with single hair transplants. The timings are from 11 AM to 1PM and 5.30 PM to 8 PM from Monday to Friday while Saturdays are by appointment only.

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Vikrant's Review on 06-09-2010
1.00  1.00 star: Customer rating of Dr. Narendra Patwardhan,Camp

Hello All, I will give you short feedback of Dr. Narendra Patwardhan. I had visited him twice and both the time he was talking very very rude. It was not only me but the other patetient literally had fight with him. God knows what attitude this doctor have? He dont have his own operation theater as well, he uses Poona Hospital's operation theater for which he charges very heavy (almost 1,00,000 for 1000 hair). My friend has done surgery with Dr. Narendra Patwardhan and he is not at all satisfied. Dr. Patwardhan gave him a great wave off of Rs. 10,000 (so the total cost for transplantion was Rs. 90,000). But, it really dont looks like that he has planted 1000 hair. Also, many of the hair have started falling (generally some hair falls, but in this case it was almost 50% of hair fall). There are many surgeons in Pune. I have started the reasearch to find a good surgeon. Beware of such a frauds. I will NOT recommend this doctor even to my enemies. ITS UPTO U TO JUDGE THE BEST...

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