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Drum Circle with Varun Venkit | Pune

What you see – Watching the young dynamite Varun Venkit with his drums is a sheer delight. And spending time with him means getting addicted to his passion. A drummer with Indo- rock band Agnee, Varun Venkit has been associated with drumming and drum circles for a long time. A post graduate in Clinical Psychology from the Pune University, Varun also uses drums and music as a therapeutic intervention.

What you get - Varun Venkit is a performing artist, counselor, drums teacher and a facilitator / mediator of drum circles.

To give you a brief idea of drum circle, this is a musical situation where participants sit or stand in a circle with their respective drums and play together in a group. The underlying principle here is fun. So you can try your hand at 25-30 different drums during the two hour session.

The basics about playing drums are taught first. Participants then play in a circle and gradually you see them shedding their inhibitions and unleashing their full potential. That’s where the therapeutic angle comes. This activity also helps in coordination improvement and attention building. The unconscious exchange of positive energies and catharsis through play gives results that are similar to a meditative experience.

Apart from facilitating such sessions, Varun teaches drums on individual and group basis (maximum 4). He teaches the basic techniques along with how to read and play music. Sensitivity to music is also taught.  The three acoustic kits here are available to practice with a wide range of hand drums and percussion instruments. Each individual session costs Rs. 500 while a group session costs Rs. 300.

Our verdict – MetroMela participated in one of the drum circle sessions and completely recommends it. Other than teaching and conducting drum circles for group therapy, Varun is also into individual counseling and therapeutic sessions to address more complicated issues. Plus he undertakes corporate sessions for confidence building and group management. He conducts these drum circle on Sundays at the Urban Ashram (7 PM - 9 PM) and at Panchvati, Pashan.

Anytime between - 11 AM - 5 PM

By Trupti Shetty
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robin's Review on 29-04-2009

Ya,its value for money along with some fun.Worth giving a try.

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