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Fabindia - Sassoon Road

Fabindia - Pune.
  • Category:Accessories, Flowers and Gifts, Malls and Super Markets, Home Decor, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Shopping, Jewelry
  • Type: supermarkets
  • Phone: 020-26124820
  • Address: # 10, Sakar,
    Sassoon Road,
    Pune - 411001.
  • LandMark: Opp Jehangir Hospital

Fabindia, which sources its products from villages, has an assortment of Indian and western garments like kurta, pyjamas, dupattas, neck-ties, scarves and shawls in various weaves. A variety of bed, bath and kitchen linen, apart from organic food products and home and body care range are also available. The store is open on all days of the week from 10.30 AM to 9 PM.

Editorial Review

Fabindia is popular for its conventional products made with indigenous skills and hand-based processes. It provides a unique variety of contemporary, yet traditional form of fashion. This reflects conspicuously even...

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Average Rating 4.20 
Priya's Review on 15-06-2010
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Fabindia,Sassoon Road

Fab India has evolved as a big brand over the years..Even though i dont venture into the range of kurtas they have since the size of mine is difficult..The size range is big compared to any other store in the sense XS is almost equal to S...the fabric is of good quality and the staff has good knowledge..they help you to mix and match along with the duppatta and make a complete set of dress for you. I like their bedsheets...they have very good and elegant stuff in the interiors section (bed covers, bed sheets, table linen, and furniture) even though the furniture is expensive it has a antique look...

shy's Review on 23-03-2010
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Fabindia,Sassoon Road

Good Discount Package... The Discount is for the 1st time 40% I think so

Martina's Review on 09-05-2008
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Fabindia,Sassoon Road

Good ethnic, summer wear and cotton wear for kids, women and men too. Even foreigners are very often seen flocking at this store.

Martina's Review on 24-04-2008
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Fabindia,Sassoon Road

Awesome place for men and women alike. Men can get both fancy and casual wear kurta/pyjamas here. A silk long kurta would roughly cost 1000/- which is quite reasonable. Women can get a good range of sarees and salwar kameez. A must see for everyone, especially during the sweltering summer. there is something here for tiny tots too!!

Pixie's Review on 14-11-2007
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Fabindia,Sassoon Road

Great place for cotton shopping. The men's and women's ethnic wear is very good as are the bedcovers/curtains. The skirts have weird fits. If you need to buy gifts for loved ones, then Fabindia is probably a good choice.