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Gold Adlabs - Kalyani Nagar

  • Category:Music and Movies, Entertainment
  • Type: movie theatres
  • Phone: 020-39894040
  • Address: Marigold Complex, Mariplex Hall,
    Kalyani Nagar,
    Pune - 411014.
  • LandMark: Opp Fortaleza

This three-screen multiplex is situated in the 1,50,000 square feet Mariplex Mall. Primarily, Hindi and English movies are showcased here. On an occasional basis, you can also get to see Marathi, Tamil and Kannada movies. The mall also has a range of food joints that offer South Indian, Chinese and American food apart from a video game parlor and lifestyle stores.

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Average Rating 3.00 
Pixie's Review on 04-01-2008
2.00  2.00 star: Customer rating of Gold Adlabs,Kalyani Nagar

The staff is simply nasty, but once you're inside the hall, all is good - quality, sound. The snacks suck big time.

Jayant's Review on 17-12-2007
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Gold Adlabs,Kalyani Nagar

The parking lot smells of Piss. Maintenance is poor. The screens are good - the snacks ok.