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Grocery Dorabjees - Camp

  • Category:Malls and Super Markets, Shopping
  • Type: supermarkets
  • Phone: 020-26052882
  • Address: Western Theater, Modilena Road,
    Pune - 411001.
  • LandMark: Opp to Landmark

Grocery Dorabjees offers groceries and personal care products. They have olive oil, red rice, bee products, chili pickles, mango pickles, ginger pickles, dairy products, bakery, sugar free products, almonds, cheese, ice creams, soft drinks and the like. Cosmetics like moisturizers, foot scrubbers, foot creams, body packs, night cream, etc. are also available. It's open from 9.30 AM to 9 PM.

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Martina's Review on 18-02-2010
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Grocery Dorabjees,Camp

The best supermarket for all kinds of grocery for all kinds of cuisines. Its definitely a 5/5.. excellent staff. would refer to every possible person.