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Shreyas - Deccan Gymkhana

Shreyas - Pune.
  • Category:Restaurants, Food
  • Type: indian cuisine
  • Phone: 020-25531963
  • Address: # 1242-B, Apte Road,
    Deccan Gymkhana,
    Pune - 411004.
  • LandMark: Near Bus Stop

Shreyas serves authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. It does not have a bar and is open from 12 PM to 3 PM and 7 PM to 10.30 PM. It only serves vegetarian food and is famous for its modaks and puran polis.

Editorial Review

They have starters like Batata Wada (type of potato patties, if you will), farsaan (snacks) and koshimbir (Maharashtrian salad), chapatis, puris, aloo parathas (bread made of potatoes and wheat flour) along with special green curry...

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User Reviews
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Average Rating 4.00 
shy's Review on 26-05-2010
3.00  3.00 star: Customer rating of Shreyas,Deccan Gymkhana

Good Food!! Shreyas gives out the Best Thali Food.. I liked the Veg-Kolhapuri, as it was awesome!!! The Soft Puran Polis, & the paper like Bhakris... Really a place to visit

gayatri's Review on 30-03-2010
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Shreyas,Deccan Gymkhana

Its the best maharastrian thali in pune. the food is delicious. A must visit place

Martina's Review on 11-07-2008
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Shreyas,Deccan Gymkhana

Asal Puneri food, with 'waran bhat' bhakri.chapati etc with a generous trickle of Pure ghee. Like all maharashtrian thali's, you SHOULD go on an empty stomach for this too.. i felt the food was a bit bland, but its good to have this once in a while.

Akshata's Review on 28-06-2008
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Shreyas,Deccan Gymkhana

With simple ambiance and ample variety for the foodie's palate, Shreyas serves Maharashtrian vegetarian food. Khichdi, Zunka-Bakar, panna and puran poli for dessert are truly satiating. Nothing over the top, simple good food.

trupti's Review on 23-11-2007
3.00  3.00 star: Customer rating of Shreyas,Deccan Gymkhana

If you like brahmin Mharashtrian thali this place is a definite visit. Their modakss are lip smacking with juicy cocunut filling..make sure u go wth an empty stomach to do full justice to yummy thalis

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